Is it a difficult process to sell my gold, and how do I know I'm getting a fair price?


At Carolina Coins and Gold we make selling your gold easy! Our gold buyers are trained professionals. When you bring in your gold to sell we will first look for its purity. Karat(10k,14k,18k,24k) is the factor that determines how pure your gold is. Then we will weigh your gold. Finally, our gold buyers will get up to the minute pricing. This ensures that you are getting full value for your gold at the time you are selling. We are not an impersonal mail away gold company. Come see us for Friendly, Professional Personal Service. Our gold buyers are trained to help you understand every step of the process so that after you have sold us your gold you will feel comfortable in knowing how the process works. We want you to know that you are receiving a fair price for your gold when you sell it. Come see us for a no obligation, pressure free appraisal in Aberdeen today.


What are Silver Dollars worth?


Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, and Eisenhower dollars do not have premium value. Most silver dollars we see are either Morgan or Peace dollars. Morgans were made from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921. Most of the 1878 to 1904 dollars are worth between $25-40 depending on condition. Morgans made in 1921 are worth $25-40 each in most cases. Peace dollars made from 1921 to 1935 are generally worth $25-40 each. PLEASE NOTE: The above values ARE NOT QUOTES, but a general expected price based on current Silver market pricing($35) Of course there are many factors in evaluating dollars. Call or see us, for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, APPRAISAL!

Dollars with a CC mint mark are more valuable. Mint marks are located as follows:


Morgan Dollar Peace Dollar


Mint mark placed on reverse of coin, below the word One just above
below the wreath, just above the word dollar. The tail feathers on the reverse
of the coin.


What are my silver Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes worth?


Values of common date Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes date 1964 and older are typically bought and sold as bullion, for the best rates please call us. The value of these coins will change according to market fluctuations and are typically bought and sold in bulk quantities.


Key Date Halves Key Date Quarters Key Date Dimes


1921 & older 1932-D 1916-D


1935 & older in EF or better 1932-S 1921


1938-D 1940 & older in AU condition or better 1921-D


1947 & older in EF or better 1949 & older in new condition 1931 & older in EF
condition or better
1945 & older in new condition


What are bicentennial coins (1776-1976) worth?


The Bicentennial quarters, half dollars and dollars of 1975 and 1976 are very plentiful and available, therefore are worth face value. However, some high grade issues may bring a higher premium, subject to current conditions.


Are Buffalo and "V" Nickels valuable?


Buffalo and Liberty, or "V" nickels can be extremely valuable. However, the nickel is a popular denomination for commerce, and so the vast majority of these types of nickels are well used, or circulated. Most nickels are worth very little unless they look brand new. Nickels without dates are worth almost no premium.


Dates of nickels that are worth more even if worn down are as follows:


Rare Date V Nickels Rare Date Buffalo Nickels


1884 1913-S Type 1 and Type 2


1885 1914 all mints


1886 1915 all mints


1887 1916 to 1926 D and S mints


1888 1937-D 3 legged variety


1912-S mint mark on reverse


What are Wheat pennies worth?


Wheat back Lincoln cents date 1909 to 1958 are actually quite plentiful. The vast majority of these coins are worth about $1.20 per 50 coin roll. Complete sets from 1909 to 1940 are worth enough to have checked out, but sets from 1941-1958 are only worth about $1 if they are used and $20 if all the coins are brand new. Incomplete sets from 1909-1940 are usually worth very little.

The most valuable dates have been bolded for your convenience. The other dates listed must exhibit only moderate wear and no corrosion or damage.


1909-S 1913-D


1909-S VDB+ 1913-S


1910-S 1914-D


1911-D 1922 No D *


1911-S 1922-D


1912-D 1931-S


1912-S 1955 Doubled Die


* The 1922 No D is actually a 1922-D with the mint mark worn off. This coin will require close examination to verify that it is not an altered coin. There are specific diagnostics that the coin must meet in order to be considered the key coin.


+ The initials VDB can be found at the 6:00 position on the reverse of the coin.


Is my 1943 Lincoln cent worth a lot of money?


Because of a need for copper and nickel to support the war effort the Lincoln Cents of 1943 were made out of a zinc coated steel alloy. Several copper coins were "accidentally" made and those coins will bring substantial money today. The steel pennies, however, are very common and not worth much even in very high grades. If your coin sticks to a magnet it is steel, if it does not then you must have the coin authenticated as an abundance of altered coins exist.


How much is my silver certificate worth?


Typically your small size (the same physical size as regular money, as opposed to the old horse blankets) silver certificate is worth about 5% more than face. Some exceptions are the 1928 and 1934 $1.00 notes, which can be worth a little more, and the 1933 $10.00 silver certificate which is more valuable.


What if my bill has Red Ink?

The Legal Tender notes, or red seal, notes were issued in from 1928 through 1963 in order to satisfy the legal requirements of the Act of May 3, 1878. Notes dated 1953 and 1963 only carry a small premium.


Are my foreign coins valuable?


Most foreign coins have LITTLE OR NO VALUE.


We specialize in US coins and are generally interested only in large size silver coins (silver dollar size), gold coins and rare issues.