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... and Silver Coins, Jewelry and Flatware. We'll Buy 'Broken Gold' and Jewelry That You Don't Use Anymore.  Don't Worry, The Condition Doesn't Matter.
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What You're Going To Experience In This Free Assessment Meeting...
You do not have to worry about sorting your items out. We see Zip Lock bags, change purses, plastic totes and boxes full of everything mixed up all the time. We sort these things all the time, so it will not take us that long to do. You can bring everything in and drop it off or you can stay and enjoy the learning experience that we'll provide as we go over everything in front of you. We encourage you to ask about anything you have questions on..
  • Don't worry, you are not obligated to sell anything to us. This is a brief assessment to go over your valuables. We will be happy to let you know what they are worth.
  •  Collectible Coins are the most common items that we purchase. Collectible coins will generally have a higher value over their metal content (gold or silver) because they are sought after.
  • Get Paid The Same Day. We will pay you the same day you sell your items to us. The commonly preferred payment is cash but we can also write a check if you would like.
About Our Location
There is a full service showroom as well as a private transaction room for larger collections. Our showroom hours are Monday to Friday from 10am - 5pm.  We are located in Aberdeen North Carolina on US 1 right next door to the Aberdeen Police Station.

"If you want the best service and knowledge on how to build your war chest, Carolina Coins and gold have the best service personal who are compassionate about finding what your looking for at a competitive price. Whether you are buying or selling there is no one else I would recommend and is the only dealer I trust! " - Timothy H.

"This shop is amazing. These guys don’t just do it for the money, they do it for the love of there business and it shows. Edward is a true professional and so are his colleagues. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for an awesome deal on precious metals." - Galo B.


Interested In Purchasing Gold Or Silver?

  •  Price: We Are Extremely Competitive With The Nations Leading bullion Dealers.
  • ​Generic Mints: We Stock Generic Gold and Silver Rounds
  • Government Minted: Gold and Silver Eagles
  • Guarantee: We Test All Precious Metals With XRF Technologies And We Can Comfortably Guarantee Everything Is As Marked.
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